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Indoor-outdoor furniture rental services

Casa Madre Milano offers the possibility to rent all the indoor and outdoor furniture present in the Showroom .

Take advantage of our rental services for public and private events, fashion shows, photo and film shoots, set-ups, fairs, congresses and weddings. Our Showroom is also available for photo shoots!



furniture, furnishing accessories, lighting, paintings, sculptures and objects


gazebos, tables, chairs, benches, swings, furnishing accessories, vases and lanterns


Our furnishings are unique and refined, capable of creating the perfect charm for your event!

Osteria Santa Maria - Abbiategrasso
Castello Visconteo - Abbiategrasso
Collezione Occhiali FIFTY
DINNER - Legnano
Castello Visconteo - Abbiategrasso
Servizi fotografici in Showroom
Castello Visconteo - Abbiategrasso
Collezione Occhiali FIFTY
Castello Visconteo - Abbiategrasso
DINNER - Legnano

Rental terms


  • The daily rental cost is 10% of the list price + VAT for each item.

  • Minimum rental amount: € 500 + VAT.

  • Collection / return days are counted as rental days.

  • Collection / return is the responsibility of the customer; any transport by our means will be counted on the basis of the kilometric band.

  • Advance payment + bank check as security (upon withdrawal) equal to the total price list is required.

  • Upon delivery, the security check will be returned to the customer after checking the integrity of the items.

  • In the event of damage, the sum for the restoration of the damaged items will be agreed.

  • All wrought iron furnishings are supplied with their natural patina; any painting costs are to be considered separately.


For the entire duration of the rental the goods are to be considered under the care and custody of the customer.

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Antique furniture rental in Milan, all you need to know

Are you thinking about renting antique furniture in Milan? You are in the right place. Here you will discover not only who to contact but also how to recognize and use authentic vintage furniture. This type of furniture is very useful on the most varied occasions and the rental service is undoubtedly the ideal flexible formula for saving , suitable for professional photographers for example, but also for amateurs, wedding planners , for clubs and locations of the most varied, for event agencies , etc.

Antique furniture rental in Milan: who to contact

Who to contact for vintage furniture rental? If you are Lombard, or you need special and quality furnishings and you are from the neighboring regions or others further away, choose Casa Madre Milano. This is the reference point for those who, like you, are looking not only for excellent bargains, but truly retro pieces of furniture and accessories, ideal for the most varied events or occasions.

You will be amazed by the large selection of antiques and modern antiques carefully selected by the specialized staff. Not only that, you can also find paintings , sculptures and various objects to make any indoor or outdoor place even more magical and scenographic . In addition to renting antique furniture in Milan, here you can also ask for a restoration quote: the showroom is equipped with a specific laboratory.

Why choose real antique furniture?

Well, if you want to make every event and location truly unique, you cannot fail to choose authentic vintage furnishings. Maybe even finely restored in order to regain their ancient splendor . Yes, a vintage object or piece of furniture can really make a difference: on the contrary, going for a modern antiqued item is almost never the right choice. But where to use the vintage products of Casa Madre Milano?

You can use them indoors or outdoors for wedding receptions, for fashion shows, photo shoots, short and films for theatrical works and much, much more. Not only that, the staff of Casa Madre will also be at your complete disposal for personalized advice and suggestions.

How to recognize real antique furnishings

Antique furniture rental in Milan by Casa Madre is certainly one of the flagships of the Milanese city. Here you will be sure to be followed by an experienced and highly professional staff but not only that, you will also have the certainty of renting real furniture and retro accessories . But how to recognize a real vintage furniture? It is not always simple, but in general, beyond the type of product, it is good:

  • check the construction material;

  • check the nature of the welds , joints, screws and the like and also their condition;

  • check dimensions and finishes , shapes and details .

You can rely on old photographic books, but even by visiting the web you will be able to better understand how to recognize a real vintage furniture. We are sure that all your doubts can be dispelled thanks to the experience and competence of the staff of Casa Madre Milano, a sales point of remarkable retro products of rare beauty and workmanship.

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