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Winter Gardens in Iron and Glass - Made to Measure in Milan


Winter gardens in iron and glass

Casamadre Milano has been a staple in the furniture sector for many years now. The vast repertoire ranges from antiques to modern antiques and the flagship of our offer lies in the handcrafted realization of elements for winter gardens in iron and glass . The professional team is committed every day to offer customers a service that is always attentive to the needs of each.


At our headquarters we have a large showroom where you can find real design elements. We have interesting proposals for all those who love originality and want their home to stand out for its class and elegance . We know how to advise the customer and guide him in his choices. Come and visit us in Milan if you want to take a look at our proposals.


Custom winter gardens in Milan

Winter gardens are now increasingly sought after. Even in the city they allow you to enjoy small green spaces that can be used in any season . To create a winter garden it is first of all necessary to choose the furnishings . Our company offers an artisanal production of elements perfect for setting up made- to-measure winter gardens in Milan .


For example, we have gazebos, of different sizes, suitable for multiple destinations: we make them in wrought iron in our workshops and this allows us to customize them to the maximum according to customer requests. We also work with glass and therefore we are able to produce particularly refined and personalized furnishings.


We also have a restoration workshop in which our specialists work to recover pieces of enormous value antiques. Casamadre is aimed at all fans of this sector and does so by offering competitive prices on products that stand out for their quality .


Create your custom winter garden with us

If you live in Milan and have an outdoor space that you can take advantage of, don't miss the opportunity and create your custom winter garden with us.


Thanks to a careful planning phase, you will be able to create a unique environment of its kind, characterized by evergreen plants and furnishings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and comfortable to use. The wrought iron, wood, concrete and glass are the materials we use and which can be combined to create distinct décor in vintage or modern style.


In the most particular cases we take care of the installation and assembly of the products we sell ourselves. We are also engaged in online commerce , with the primary objective of offering our furniture items to an ever-increasing number of people. Sofas , beds, flower boxes , but also pergolas, gazebos , gates, railings and verandas are just some of the creations that we can make to measure. We address our services not only to individuals but also to professionals .


If you are interested in our services, come and tell us your ideas and we will make an appointment for a free inspection that will allow us to study and define all the details. We will look for the best solution for you from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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