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Artistic wrought iron in Milan

bespoke wrought iron projects
artistic wrought iron Milan
Artistic wrought iron in Milan
bespoke wrought iron projects


If you are looking for artistic wrought iron furniture items in Milan, the Casa Madre Milano brand is certainly the right one to turn to to meet this type of need. It was born in 2019 from over twenty years of tradition in the furniture and antiques sector by the owners, offering its customers a large selection of paintings , sculptures , various modern or ancient objects and handcrafted outdoor furniture made of wrought iron .


The entire exhibition is placed inside the new and enlarged design-showroom, which includes a large outdoor area and a laboratory in which restorations are carried out. The corporate policy of Casa Madre Milano is centered on a young, innovative and dynamic mentality that always puts the maximum effort into the constant search for particular and unorthodox elements , through which to offer the customer the emotion of the past through the present.


The entire range of products is visible on the website, where you can also proceed with the purchase of what you most want.

The exhibition in the design-showroom

The entire exhibition of Casa Madre Milano is located in a shed that has a total area of almost 1000 square meters, overlooks the SS 526 of eastern Ticino and offers the customer various types of objects made of artistic wrought iron.


With the hope of being a source of inspiration for professionals in the sector and enthusiasts, a multifaceted environment has been created, which combines the alternation of internal and external environments that accompany the customer in a functional path that includes a great variety of products ranging from different styles and eras , which, for example, combine antique furnishings with more modern ones, trying to combine the peculiar characteristics of both by blending tradition and current trends.


The environment is rich in shapes and colors thanks to the atypical, refined and sometimes large furnishings that are the real highlights of the path created. The atmosphere inside the shed is also taken up outside, where large gazebos made entirely of wrought iron are set up with many types of garden furniture faithfully restored in the adjacent warehouse where an area dedicated only to furniture restoration.


The articles created in artistic wrought iron in Milan are some of the most desired by customers together with those of antiques , for this reason Casa Madre Milano always searches carefully and scrupulously products in Italy or abroad, exploiting the great knowledge gained in the field of 'decor and' antiques.


The furnishings and objects offered have a great charm, regardless of their origin or age and can be combined with each other creating a real harmony between ancient and more modern elements.


The customer will be helped in choosing the most suitable article for him and will be satisfied in all his requests, offering a product with an excellent quality - price ratio accompanied by expertise and certificates of authenticity if required. Even after the sale, Casa Madre Milano remains available to the customer.

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