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Wrought Iron Custom Furniture


The custom-made furniture in wrought iron has always been great and undeniable charm. Today there are many vintage furnishings and accessories available, even on the web, but there are just as many solutions that can be created in a completely personalized way and which are often undoubtedly the best choice and in the most varied contexts. Find out here everything you need to know about these products, where to use them and who to contact in Northern Italy.


Custom-made furniture: choose Casa Madre Milano

Casa Madre Milano is the reference point for those who love the vintage genre, but also for those looking for custom- made wrought iron furnishings with a retro or more contemporary allure. Yes, the staff has at their disposal not only a large showroom but also an area used for the restoration and creation of customized products of rare workmanship.


Get an idea of the style, professionalism and competence of Casa Madre by first visiting the official website. And then, without obligation, contact the store, you can do it by phone, by e-mail, through social channels or in person.


Casa Madre is located a few kilometers from Milan , precisely in Cassinetta di Lugagnano in Viale Lombardia 16 / E. Discover the world of wrought iron, of the most authentic craftsmanship, an ancient art that will amaze you.


When bespoke wrought iron furniture can be used

The custom wrought iron furniture is undoubtedly for you if you are looking for accessories for the outdoor , or the interior, of retro houses, of villas for example Liberty, but also of buildings furnished with industrial style. Wrought iron is very versatile and there are endless products that you can have directly made by the experts of Casa Madre Milano.


Think, for example, of gazebos , garden furniture such as sofas, romantic-style pendant chairs and tables, old-fashioned aviaries, greenhouses d 'winter, trellises for climbing and much, much more. A customized item in wrought iron can have the size you are looking for, to blend in well with vintage contexts, for example in the case of restoration , but also to harmonize a new and eclectic environment.


Discover all the possibilities by contacting , without obligation, Casa Madre Milano.


Wrought iron furniture and furnishing styles

There are many furnishing styles in vogue today, such as the industry . This borrows rough and typical elements of the post-industrial era, therefore via ibera to objects and accessories in wrought iron, even rusty or painted ad hoc. This genre looks good almost everywhere and can be modulated at will, creating a modern or more retro atmosphere at will.


Custom wrought iron furniture will be ideal in these contexts, but also in vintage , Liberty and typical Italian or more ethnic ones. The luck of being able to have personalized objects created is that the overall mood of the indoor or outdoor environment will also be completely unique, inimitable and of high quality and value.

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